A Crackle-canvas is a painting that produces sound. it contains a circuitboard, speaker, knobs, switches, wood and

canvas. Each one makes sounds by itself but can be connected thrue cables (patched) with other Crackle-canvasses. This way the paintings start to react on eachother. Each patch creates a different sound and drawing of cables on the wall or in the space the paintings are presented.

Crackle-canvas #1Crackle-canvas_1.html
Crackle-canvas DesartingCrackle-canvas_desarting.html
Crackle-canvas Wh1Crackle-canvas_wh1.html
“As the world turns”%22As_the_world_turns%22.html

Selection of canvasses:

Crackle-canvas PRACrackle-canvas_PRA.html
Crackle-canvas SEQ5Crackle-canvas_SEQ5.html