Moederkoek is a dutch word that stands for placenta as well as mothers cake.

A sunny Saturday afternoon in June 1986. 8 years old, playing with my toys at the kitchen table

while my mother is baking a cake like she always does on sunny Saturdays. 

The fragrances, the taste.

Moederkoek is a modern representation of that memory.

It’s about my mother baking a cake, me playing at the kitchen table with my modern “toys”.

These homemade toys sample the sounds and movements my mother makes baking the cake.

I “play” with these sounds and turn them into a live audio composition.

Once the cake dough is finished it gets baked. Slowly sweet fragrances escape the oven.

Finally the cake gets surved!

Moederkoek is about my mother, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting

Moederkoek, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven.